Thursday, August 11, 2011

Deeper Blue

Carry me away, where the breeze of the ocean mixes with the cool crisp  mountain air. Wrap me warmly in the embrace of the arms that usher me into my dreams and softly touch me with the hands that paint the sky hues of orange and pink and purple as the sun sets, seemingly dropping off at the very edge of the sea, effortlessly, and majestically.

Whisper the words I need most to hear through the rustling of the pines, tall and mighty. As their branches entertain the feathered fair, singing their own songs of contentment for all the world to hear. Make known  just the same your own contentment, you are safe here with me.

Lead, follow or come alongside, rest assured though,  a hurried gait has no purpose as beauty is seen in the journey well documented with colorful memories, scents, and feelings and only in the mind and heart and not in a flurry of urgency. Take it in, breathe it in, and only exhale enough to make room for more. This kind of beautiful is rarest of all beauty, to be treasured moment by moment. 

Rest with me in the certainty that today has our undivided attention. That no foul or fallow thing could possible reign over us, because we have this moment, and in this moment is beauty, and hope, and laughter, and the unmistakable knowing that joy is a choice, and is chosen still.

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